A guide on the bonuses offered by casino sites

Loyalty schemes and bonuses were initially introduced to provide new and loyal players with a good incentive. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine an online casino with no special rewards for customers. They’re available in a variety of types, sizes, etc. That’s why you should get more information about bonuses and pay attention to them when choosing your favorite gambling website. The most popular special offers and promos include:

Basic information about casino bonuses

Signup bonuses are introduced to provide a benefit to all new players and make them want to sign up for services and try out available games with no risk. In the past, they were less generous than now because the competition keeps growing in this industry. The main idea is that players deposit a small amount of their money into personal accounts to receive a reward. The industry keeps expanding, and its visibility and awareness increase so that more and more players are entering the market. This is what provides them with more opportunities to switch from one casino in Canada to another to take lucrative bonuses and leave with a good profit.

Basic wagering requirements

The terms and conditions of signup bonuses were quite insignificant, but now players are required to place a specific number of bets before they get the ability to cash out their winnings. These are wagering requirements and they keep changing. For example, if you deposit $100 and receive $100 as your signup bonus with the main wagering requirement of 5X, you need to win $1000 or more before you can cash out.

Many Canadian online casinos start putting more emphasis on their loyalty bonuses and special schemes to keep customers returning. On the surface, signup bonuses seem to be more attractive because they offer more than 200% on an initial deposit, but you should read terms and conditions to make a clever choice and get the most out of available special offers and avoid any possible misunderstanding.

Sticky, match, and no deposit bonuses

Basically, there are two basic conditions that all signup bonuses have, including:

Another important thing that you should know is that Internet casino signup bonuses are usually available in a few different types, such as:

When it comes to no deposit bonuses, they are special offers of gambling websites to deposit a small amount of your money into a personal account after registering with a particular casino, with no deposit requirements. In most cases, new players get extra $10-$50.

Match bonuses are quite common and they offer a specific percentage to match the first deposit made on your chosen rewards casino. Their size is normally 100%, but you can find such offers as 300% and 50%.

Sticky bonuses are quite similar to the match ones, but the main difference is that they have the extra term attached. It says that players can’t withdraw this bonus itself even if they meet the necessary wagering requirements.

The key secret of understanding all kinds of casino bonuses lies in terms and conditions. Pay attention to promotions and other relevant sections.

Loyalty bonuses

They tend to be quite different than the above-mentioned signup bonus because they have less stringent terms and conditions attached. A loyalty bonus is offered by Canadian casino sites to those customers who have been playing at them for a specific period of time (it’s at their discretion). You may find out that there’s a monthly match bonus, which is quite similar to a signup bonus, available to those users who have signed up previously, regardless of how often they play. It’s advisable to treat such offers as signup bonuses and check their conditions on the official site.

It’s worth mentioning that some casinos in Canada refrain from publishing full information about loyalty bonuses because they serve as a targeted invitation for loyal players, valued regulars, and high rollers. They also tend to be quite generous, and some gambling websites hand out special match bonuses for birthdays or even as freebies. Everything depends on how often you play at the chosen casino. These details are usually bundled in with valid loyalty programs and VIP schemes.

Visit the homepage of your gambling site to find the necessary loyalty scheme or players club link that will provide you with more information to explain how it works. These bonuses vary from one safe online casino to another considerably, but their standard structure includes platinum, gold, and silver tiered schemes, similar to modern credit card companies. Based on how much you normally wager and over a specific period of time, you’ll be rewarded, but potential benefits vary.

As an example, if you are a high roller and you deposit $10000 in a month, you should shop around to find the casino with excellent loyalty schemes to get the most out of its offers. It won’t harm to contact customer support directly to find out about the availability of extra benefits. A relationship factor is a big part in receiving a preferential treatment. That’s why the most trusted online casino that knows you is more likely to pass on unique gifts and incentives for you.

Reload bonuses

With this type of bonus, players get benefits when reloading their personal casino accounts and it’s all about depositing more money. That’s why many people call it an ongoing bonus and it rewards customers and makes them keep using real money. It also provides players with a great opportunity to claim a particular percentage of initial deposits as a special bonus. Sometimes, this bonus goes hand in hand with extra free spins activated when you reload your credits on a personal online gambling account. It can be linked to a specific method of payment that you choose.

Free play bonuses

If you want to benefit from these bonuses, you should register a new gambling account with a casino. No banking or credit card details are required at this stage. A standard free play bonus serves as the extension of regular no deposit bonuses. The main difference is that players get a much larger amount on their accounts instead of just a small amount of money added. For instance, it can be even $1000 and more, and you can use this bonus at any given moment.

The only requirement of Canadian gambling sites is that you need to do that within a set period of time, such as 1 hour or 30 minutes. Within this time period, it’s possible to do as much as you can with the money received through a free play bonus, but then it will be gone. Another important thing to mention is that players aren’t able to simply cash out after finishing this period. It’s highly likely for them to get winnings as a 100% match on future deposits needed to keep playing.

Free spins

These are a kind of no deposit bonuses offered by Canadian online gambling websites to provide customers with a great possibility to try new games without making any deposit and risking anything while still being able to win real money. With free spins, all players are provided with a good chance to enjoy their favorite slots for free.

As a new user, you can receive this popular bonus right after registering your personal account with online casino sites. The best part is that any winnings that you earn from these spins are added to your balance to play again. Keep in mind that players can’t simply cash out their winnings resulted from this bonus based on terms and conditions.

How to claim the best bonus for you

When looking for the best place to play your favorite casino games and try your luck, it’s important to take available bonuses into account in addition to other major deciding factors. Are you a high roller? Choose the gambling website with lucrative deals for such players, including high limits and bonuses. Do you prefer table games? If your answer is affirmative, focusing on a list of canadian casinos with free spins isn’t a clever idea.

Remember that different bonuses will also provide you with a good chance to interact with casinos. Is a customer support team really helpful and knowledgeable? Is a system of bonuses optimized to make your gambling experience enjoyable and smooth? These are basic questions that you should ask to ensure the longevity of your relationship if you’re interested in online gambling in Canada. Bonuses are an important part of any gambling experience that players get at casinos.

This detailed and helpful guide explained to you all the ins and outs of different bonus types offered by Internet casinos for claiming by their regular customers and newcomers. Bonuses and special promotions are some of their most lucrative benefits to many players globally, especially if you want to play casino games without depositing any real money, increase bets, and extend your playtime. Just keep in mind that they always carry specific restrictions and wagering requirements that should be studied to get the most enjoyable experience online. Before you take any bonus, ensure that you clearly understand its terms and conditions, especially if you’re a newbie in this fast-growing industry.


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